Monthly Archives: May 2012


The goals accomplished this past week and weekend were particularly satisfying.

  1. For months I’ve been straining for a promotion, and finally overcame the challenge of my manager and got a promotion and raise. This was one of my goals at the beginning of the year, and it is now accomplished.
  2. Since around November, my pool has been steadily getting greener each day; with it came laziness regarding the back yard and an overabundance of weeds soon followed. The weeds and pool were both restored to clean glory this weekend, though not without a few turns and I consider that accomplished.

Neither one of these goals are huge, but they are small steps in the bigger plan.


The best way to innovate is not to try to be innovative — forget the goatee and the trendy eyewear — but to be a humble servant: listening hard, thinking hard, anticipating and rolling up your sleeves to lend a hand. Great innovators focus on solving important problems and finding simple ways to make people’s lives better. Sometimes this compels them to do something radical, but often it calls for smaller changes that most of the world may not immediately recognize as innovation. These changes can be the most difficult to achieve, but they are the ones that actually have the biggest impact on people’s lives and, therefore, on growing a business. I call this “Innovating in the Scary Zone.”

Harry West