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Nike Flyknits

Can’t wait for these to come in.


Visualization is a key to success. Here’s mine:

Workout + Diet Plan

First, a quick recap of the Live Shredded plan from MusclePharm. Built some muscle, dropped 4-5% bodyfat. Overall stronger and in better shape.

Here’s the next phase of the workout and diet plan.

Monday: Chest + Back

5x failure: wide grip pull-ups

5×12: flat bench

5×12: incline dumbbells

5×12: seated row

5x failure: wide grip pull-ups

5×12: chest fly

6×12 single dumbbell pullovers

Tuesday: Legs + Abs

5×12: squats

5×12: leg press

5×12: stiff leg dead lift

5×12: hamstring curl

5×12:barbell lunges

5×12: weighted calf raises

50x ab wheel


Wednesday: Arms

6×8: arnold cheat curls with straight bar

6×8: incline french press

8×5: Incline alternating dumbbell curls

20x, then 20 1/4 reps: straight bar pushdown

6x failure: bench dips

3×30: preacher curl machine


Thursday: Shoulders + Abs

5×12: military press bar

5×12: upright rows

5×12: lateral raises

5×12: full frontals

1×100 ab wheel



7:00 AM: 3 whole eggs, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1 banana

9:30 AM: protein shake

12:00 PM: 6-8 oz white meat, 1 cup quinoa or sweet potato, 2 servings vegetables

1:00 PM: workout

2:30 PM: post workout shake

4:30 PM: protein shake

7:00 PM: 6-9 oz white meat, 2 servings vegetables, 1-2 cups of quinoa

10:00 PM: protein shake