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Wedding Tuxedo

Thought I should list out everything I’ll be wearing. Starting at the top…

Bow tie: I’m going with a black bow tie from Brooks Brothers. It’s got a very classic bow shape, and I think it will be perfect. Here

Tuxedo shirt: This one was a little more difficult of a decision (first world problem)… I prefer going with American brands, but Thomas Pink has been great for me so far and I decided to go with their Marcella evening shirt. It’s got a bib, and no pleats. Classic but not too stuffy. Here

Dinner jacket & trousers: This was a pretty easy choice. I’m a huge J. Crew fan, and my two suits are both from J. Crew. They’ve always served me very well. I went for a peak lapel, although the shawl collar was tempting. The shawl collar seemed a bit too outside the box. Here

Suspenders: Honestly, I still can’t decide whether I will wear these or not. They’re nice, but they’re a bit on the skinny side. The black also sticks out quite sharply, and white may be a better choice. Here

Cuff links & studs: Just found Indochino today. They had the best picture of their cuff links and studs that I had seen, so what the hell, I ordered them. Here

Shoes: This is easily the most difficult part. Don’t have them yet. Should I spend ~$500? Thinking Alden, Brooks Brothers, Kent Wang… see below, you get the drift.